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I help Ecom & Service Provider Businesses Produce Spine-Chilling ROI Via High-Performance Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels

Former Clients


Facebook ad management

More than 2.5 billion people use facebook every day. On their way to their workplace, on the metro, or when standing in a line lot of people keep checking their newsfeed, who we can reach with laser focused ad targeting.

Website & Funnel design

I build WordPress websites and funnels, which can sell effectively, be it whether a product or a service. I use Divi theme for my work, which I provide you for free as well as many other premium softwares. 

Skype Ad Coaching

Would you like to be more effective and profitable with your online marketing? Choose the Skype Consultation, where I give you marketing advices in order to grow your profits.

Case Studies

Hungarian Account, Currency is HUF. (1 USD ~ 320 HUF)

Industry: Ecom
State 1: Not a clear idea about what the profit generation activites are
State 2: Steady and profitable growth, 5.76 ROI, 3300 USD in rev, 576 USD in ad spend.

Hungarian Account, Currency is HUF. (1 USD ~ 320 HUF)

Industry: Ecom
State 1: Funnels locked in, but no resonance on the ad side. Low return on ad spend
State 2: Cystal clear message, perfect product-market fit, with 4.49 ROAS, 5036 USD in rev, 1121 USD in ad spend

Hungarian Account, Currency is HUF. (1 USD ~ 320 HUF)

Industry: Ecom
State 1: Steady sales, but profitable mostly because of the upsells
State 2: Profitable ads, even without upsells, CPA down 10 USD

Csaba Tarjányi

Field: Nail Salon Owner

Nature of the cooperation: Mentoring – Facebook ad Consultation

Csaba has asked my help with his freshly opened nail saloon, EliteNails. He wanted to learn and understand facebook advertising, so that he could run campaigns on his own, without burning a ton of money on trial and error and get result ASAP. It was a mentorship cooperation beetween me and Csaba, and we have went through everything what one need to know to run amazingly great facebook campaigns: copywriting, persuasion psychology, creative design, ad angles, audiences, segmentation, organisation, measurements, ad policies, landing page consistency & design, retargeting, and reiteration and optimisitation as well.

“It was obvious from the beginning that David is a true expert when it comes to ads and that he had a profound knowledge in the topic. He leaves no questions unanswered I recommend him to everyone who wants to learn about facebook ads.” – Csaba Tarjányi

András Mihók

Field: Drink wholesale

Nature of the cooperation: Done-for-you – Website building

András has asked my help in entering to the market with a brand new coctail syrup called Salvatore Syrup. This is András’ private label product, which he developed as a pub owner specifically for the hungarian restaurant, pub and night club owners. For the effective introduction and distribution of the brand a well-thought and online presence is inevitable, that’s what I have helped him in, with a designing and building of a website, which fits perfectly into the brand’s image.

“The cooperation was light and dynamic right from the beginning. I got a professional service, as well as a professional modern website, not mentioning the design and marketing advices in the unfamiliar topics for me” – András Mihók

Gyöngyvér Besnyő

Field: Marketing services

Nature of the cooperation: Mentoring – Website building, Facebook ad management

Gyöngyvér works as a marketing service provider, just like me, and she has reached out to me at the beginning of her career for a mentoring, so that she could give the highest quality of work possible for her clients. She was really determined and diligent in improving herself and her marketing skills, because of this our cooperation was efficient and effective. From funnel design, through the technical background of the websites, as well as ad management on different platforms and data driven thinking we have covered the whole marketing spectrum throughout our consultations.

“I can only say positive things about the work with David. He has prepared for all of my questions, we could progess in a quick and efficient way, after each consulting session none of my questions left unanswered. Many times he looked after issues, which came to my mind during the consultations. Apart from his professional knowlegde he is trustworthy, accurate, helpful and teaches in a logical, patient manner.” – Gyöngyvér Besnyő

Péter Füleki 

Field: Supplement & Fitness

Nature of the cooperation: Done-for-you – Facebook ad management

Péter as the owner of the Westfit Gym and Westfit Shop operates in the healthy lifestlye/bodybuilding/supplement merchandising trio, I entered to this ecosystem, as the manager of the facebook ads. Our main focus were the merch of the supplements and getting brand new customers for the business.
With this focus we started to grow significantly, pretty soon, although Peter had to pend our cooperation because of solving internal problems in the business, which hijacked his resources completely and he couldn’t focus to the handling of the growing buyer demand. He himself had to manage the ads throuhout this transition time, but as soon as the internal problems were solved, we coontinued our cooperation, much more efficiently than before.

“We have been working together with David a little more than a year now. After the growth at the start I had to pend to cooperation because of internal business problems, and during this time I’ve tried to solve the ad management. This has resulted in 4 months of stagnating and decreasing revenue. After renewing our cooperation, using the same ad budget (former ad budget= new ad budget + David’s fee) our revenue has growed by 31%. All in all the ads are much more effiient than before, and the money spent on advertising is not a cost, rather an investment. The numbers talk for themselves. Thank you David!” – Péter Füleki

Andrea Smith

Field: Life coaching

Nature of the cooperation: Consulting – Strategic marketing planning

When Andrea reached out to me she already had a working consulting business as a life coach, as well as an online presense, but she had a problem that that time, which wasn’t even known for herself, but it highly blocked the growing of her business: there was no clear focus for her business.
During our strategic marketing consultation, we profoundly discussed her business and the market she operates in, then we have created an effective marketing plan, which was aligned with her goals and which has helped her to serve her clients on the highest level possible.

“David proved his expertise and caliber for me throughout a profound strategic marketing consultation. With his help I have managed to clear my focus, articulate my most important business goals, determine my specific niche and he has also summed up the conclusions of our consultation is a clear, step by step actionplan – as a life coach, I really appreciate this. I’ve also gain valuable insights about my website as well, which I couldn’t see myself. From all this, it became clear for me that – in contrast of many marketers older than him – he is not working out of routine, but he really analyzed my unique situation, and understood my goals and thoughts. I can only recommend him to everyone, who need help in the field of marketing.” – Andrea Smith

Gábor Bene dr.

Field: Attorney services

Nature of the cooperation: Done-for-you – Website building, Consulting – Strategic marketing planning

Gábor as an attorney asked my help in starting his international law firm from scratch, which seemed like a very unique and interensting challenge for me, because this was also the transition for Gábor and his whole team to the online entrepreneur era. Apart from the website and the effective funnel Gábors, very smartly, decided to automate their processes and make it self servant as soon as possible, so the work demanded custom developments from my part on their pricing, billing and ordering system, mainly because of the unique complexity of the law field. During our cooperation we closely worked together on a strategic part as well, so the technical foundations, the positioning, the choosen systems as well as the ad tracking could be designed properly from my part, in order to reach long term growth with the business.

“David is very enthusiastic and helpful, he can inspire his client as well, in order to get him to invest the most efficient work into the business to make it successful as quick as possible. In our case we did not ask his help in the typical FMCG merchandising field, but in a niche specific service based business. He did a great job constructing our website and our marketing strategy, he very diligently learned everything about the characteristics of this field and he gave useful marketing advices. I can only recommend him ” – Gábor Bene dr. , attorney

Would you like similar results for your business and dominate your market?

Apply for a coop with me:

Who am I and how can I help you?

My name is David Török, I’m from Hungary, Europe. I’ve been doing online marketing for the last 3 years and throughout this period I’ve worked with mostly coaching and ecom businesses, to set up and manage their advertising efforts.

I’m specialized in paid advertising: facebook and instagram.

What sets me apart from others is that I not only manage your ads in a profitable way (although this is a rarity in itself, considering how many scammers are in this field), but I also see the bigger picture: your sales process and funnels.

Beacause of that I can integrate into your sales system, and I also give recommendations for optimizing your offers and upsells to achieve maximum profit from our paid traffic.

There are two kinds of service I provide: a done-for-you and a done-with-you kind.

In the first one I do everything: I set up and optimize your ads, and do the report for you.

In the second one, I give coaching sessions to you via skype, and you do the operating part, I help with the strategic side of things, understanding the data, and tell you exactly what to do next and how you can do that.

I help your growth with my personal facebook marketing consultant…

The facebook provides access to it’s top european advertisers to an insider marketing expert collegue in the Dublin office. They do this in order to give every possible help for the best and most successful advertiser, so they will spend more on ads. This consultation is a regurarly expert guidence for those who are eligible to it.

I am eligible for it, so if we are going to work together you can be sure that you are in the right hands, because apart from my personal experience, I can access an insider marketing expert at facebook, in order to generate those kind of results, which you simply cannot achieve without support.

How does the work with me look like?

1. Free Consultation

During the free consulting session via Skype we talk about how I can help your business and what is the problem you want to solve.

2. Accepting my offer

After the consulting session I send you my offer. In this offer I sum up the tasks.

3. Work

After that, the work starts. During our cooperation I constantly inform you about the strategic decisions.

4. Project Report

On a monthly basis I made a report about how our campaigns are performing, so you can see what is happening with our spending.