100% commission-based paid advertising for companies within the EU

I help service providers and online stores within the EU to grow online by managing 100% commission-based paid online ads.

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Former Clients

Some of the clients I have worked with before.


Former Results

Some previous results and project briefs.

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30.197 USD revenue profitably, with 9.1x return

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State 1: Page post ads and retargeting ads, structure, expertise and lack of people regarding Facebook ads.

State 2: As a result of personalized advertising strategy and completely new positioning, massive growth right from the beginning of our cooperation: profitable income of USD 30.197, with a return of 9.11.

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2600 USD revenue profitably with 5.76x return

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State 1: Foggy idea of ​​profit-generating activities regarding advertising.

State 2: Stable and profitable growth, 5.76 times return on ads, USD 2636 income, USD 457 spent.

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4000 USD revenue profitably with 4.49x return

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State 1: Existing funnel, but low-efficiency ads, low return on ads.

State 2: Crystal clear message, perfect product-market fit, 4.49x return on ads, USD 4016 income, from USD 894 spent.

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Hight ticket B2C service: 176 leads,  for 1,55 USD each

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State 1: Already established business, selling high ticket service for consumers. Mid length sales cycle, no paid ads.

State 2: Sales pipeline filled with leads, paying customers already in the first month. Also in the first month a working lead generating system in place, generating 176 leads, from overall 272 USD ad spend, 1.55 USD ad spend per lead.

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1161 order placed, ~57500 USD income profitably, 12 x return on investment

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State 1: Already established online store, previous attempts with Google Ads, but with low/no results.

State 2: Optimized ads, with 1,161 purchases (with an average order value of 50 USD). 57500 USD income profitably, with a 12 x return.


Would you like to achieve similar results and secure your place in the market in the long term?

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Csaba Tarjányi

Field: Nail Salon Owner

Nature of the cooperation: Mentoring – Facebook ad Consultation

Csaba has asked my help with his freshly opened nail saloon, EliteNails. He wanted to learn and understand facebook advertising, so that he could run campaigns on his own, without burning a ton of money on trial and error and get result ASAP. It was a mentorship cooperation beetween me and Csaba, and we have went through everything what one need to know to run amazingly great facebook campaigns: copywriting, persuasion psychology, creative design, ad angles, audiences, segmentation, organisation, measurements, ad policies, landing page consistency & design, retargeting, and reiteration and optimisitation as well.

“It was obvious from the beginning that David is a true expert when it comes to ads and that he had a profound knowledge in the topic. He leaves no questions unanswered I recommend him to everyone who wants to learn about facebook ads.” – Csaba Tarjányi

András Mihók

Field: Drink wholesale

Nature of the cooperation: Done-for-you – Website building

András has asked my help in entering to the market with a brand new coctail syrup called Salvatore Syrup. This is András’ private label product, which he developed as a pub owner specifically for the hungarian restaurant, pub and night club owners. For the effective introduction and distribution of the brand a well-thought and online presence is inevitable, that’s what I have helped him in, with a designing and building of a website, which fits perfectly into the brand’s image.

“The cooperation was light and dynamic right from the beginning. I got a professional service, as well as a professional modern website, not mentioning the design and marketing advices in the unfamiliar topics for me” – András Mihók

Gyöngyvér Besnyő

Field: Marketing services

Nature of the cooperation: Mentoring – Website building, Facebook ad management

Gyöngyvér works as a marketing service provider, just like me, and she has reached out to me at the beginning of her career for a mentoring, so that she could give the highest quality of work possible for her clients. She was really determined and diligent in improving herself and her marketing skills, because of this our cooperation was efficient and effective. From funnel design, through the technical background of the websites, as well as ad management on different platforms and data driven thinking we have covered the whole marketing spectrum throughout our consultations.

“I can only say positive things about the work with David. He has prepared for all of my questions, we could progess in a quick and efficient way, after each consulting session none of my questions left unanswered. Many times he looked after issues, which came to my mind during the consultations. Apart from his professional knowlegde he is trustworthy, accurate, helpful and teaches in a logical, patient manner.” – Gyöngyvér Besnyő

Péter Füleki 

Field: Supplement & Fitness

Nature of the cooperation: Done-for-you – Facebook ad management

Péter as the owner of the Westfit Gym and Westfit Shop operates in the healthy lifestlye/bodybuilding/supplement merchandising trio, I entered to this ecosystem, as the manager of the facebook ads. Our main focus were the merch of the supplements and getting brand new customers for the business.
With this focus we started to grow significantly, pretty soon, although Peter had to pend our cooperation because of solving internal problems in the business, which hijacked his resources completely and he couldn’t focus to the handling of the growing buyer demand. He himself had to manage the ads throuhout this transition time, but as soon as the internal problems were solved, we coontinued our cooperation, much more efficiently than before.

“We have been working together with David a little more than a year now. After the growth at the start I had to pend to cooperation because of internal business problems, and during this time I’ve tried to solve the ad management. This has resulted in 4 months of stagnating and decreasing revenue. After renewing our cooperation, using the same ad budget (former ad budget= new ad budget + David’s fee) our revenue has growed by 31%. All in all the ads are much more effiient than before, and the money spent on advertising is not a cost, rather an investment. The numbers talk for themselves. Thank you David!” – Péter Füleki


Full Sales Funnel Optimization from One Person


Landing Page building and development

A good landing page is an integral part of successful advertising. You can entrust the construction and continuous optimization of this to me, so that one person can handle the entire Facebook customer acquisition.

Although in the case of online stores, due to the large number of products, I do not provide the construction of the landing page, you are not left to your own either. I can work smoothly with your developer/web designer and if needed, I can give guidance about what should go on each product page or landing page so that the ads work best.


You Get Access to a Multi-Proven Paid Advertising Framework

You can minimize your risks, because you only have to pay me based on results, on a commission basis.

I advertise systematically: everything is documented and tested multiple times. A significant increase in spending is acceptable only if we have working target audiences, messages, creatives and sufficient data that backs it.

You get a personalized advertising strategy. For online stores, I primarily focus on the development of AOV (Average Order Value), LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). In the case of lead generation, I optimize around qualification and lead quality.


Get an external expert who you can feel is part of the team and with whom communication is easy

Stop working with unreachable external partners. I can be reached via phone and email, typically instant, but with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

If you have a developer or designer in your team and you connect me with them, I will clearly and unambiguously communicate to them the requests that are absolutely necessary for my work, without constantly asking you to do so.

Get a clear picture of the performance of the ads either through the end-of-month report or through pre-arranged regular calls.



Meta Ads

Worldwide, 2.9 billion people use Facebook and 2.35 billion users use Instagram on a daily basis. An amazing amount of people are looking at their phones on the way to work or while waiting in line, and we can reach them with precise targeting.

Google Ads

Even after several decades, Google is still one of the best platforms for customer acquisition, whether it is for an online store or a service business. If you have a more modest advertising budget, Google can still achieve excellent returns.

Pinterest Ads

If you have a product with a strong visual appeal, for example, you have a webshop operating in home furnishings, cosmetics or fashion, Pinterest is a great opportunity for sales, with fairly little competition.

Tiktok Ads

More than 1.6 billion people worldwide use TikTok and this number is still growing. If the target group of your product or service is the young generation Z, then you should advertise on TikTok. The platform not only brings exceptional reach, but it also does it all cheaply.

Reddit Ads

If you sell a complex service to the urbanist, more educated segment of the Y and Z generations, Reddit is a great opportunity for you. We can reach hundreds of thousands of people very cheaply, based on what topics they are actively interested in.

+1: Landing pages

In addition to the ads, I optionally build WordPress landing pages, which I can then use for the ads. There is no extra charge for this, but this service is only available for service businesses, and not for online stores due to the volume of their products.

How does the work with me look like?

The Process of Our Cooperation

1. Free consultation

During the free online consulting session we talk about how I can help your business and what is the problem you want to solve.

2. Accepting my offer

After the consulting session I send you my offer. In this offer I sum up the tasks.

3. Work

After that, the work starts. During our cooperation I constantly inform you about the strategic decisions.

4. Project report

On a monthly basis I made a report about how our campaigns are performing, so you can see what is happening with our spending.


About me

David Torok
Founder, davidtorokmedia.com

During my more than 4 years of online marketing experience, I have spent more than 125 000 USD profitably in countless niches.

I specialize in paid advertising, which I do on a success fee basis for service providers and online stores.

Based on my former education, I am a mechatronics engineer – I make decisions in marketing with a strong analytical approach and a data-driven way of thinking, so that the amount intended for advertising is spent as optimally as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the ads to be effective?

Some of the strategies I use – for example repurchases and post purchase upsells – can be built within hours and result in 5-10% extra income within days. However, stable and sustainable growth requires testing and optimization, which definitely takes some time.

It is very likely that you will see results in the first month, a significant increase in the second month, and a steady increase in the third month.

How come the Landing page building is available as an additional service only for service businesses? Why not for online stores as well?

In the case of services, we usually try to collect interested prospects for 1-2 offers, so we are talking about building 1-2 landing pages. This is the amount that can be handled, managed and built up responsibly from my part, and which I can fit into the framework of operation with success fees, since I will also have to extract the costs of building the landing pages from the commissions.

With an online store, the situation is much more complicated, since in that case we are often talking about hundreds of products, but even if we only look at the category pages, it is usually more than 15-20. This is a volume of landing pages which takes away way too much time and attention from running successful ad campaigns. Moreover, the labor cost of building and optimising this many landing pages only could be covered if an excessively large percentage was requested as a success fee.

That’s why I simplified the formula: the landing page building extra offer is available for services, but not for online stores.

If I only need a website or a landing page, but I don't plan to advertise, can you still help?

We cannot work together in such conditions.

If you want to advertise with me as a service provider, there is no obstacle in theory of a landing page development, but without advertising it is not possible to build a website/landing page.

Book a Free Consultation with me

On this call, we will discuss your current situation to see exactly what you need help with and how I can help you.

To book an appointment, all you have to do is select a free time from the calendar and enter your name and email address, to which the system will automatically send a confirmation email about the successful booking.

We can hold the call online via Google Meet, where you can join with 1 click. You will also receive the link required for entry in the mentioned email.

The duration of the call is a maximum of 60 minutes.

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