Cold email as a Service – I get your calendar filled up with prospects who are interested in your offer

Stop wasting your time with ineffective lead generation process, remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of prospecting, simply just show up on your calls and focus your efforts on closing deals through outsourcing the cold emailing to a specialist.

David Torok

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Every day 100s or 1000s of potential customers of yours check their inboxes…How are you going to make them interested in your solution?

The question is not that cold email works or not. Billion dollar companies like Oracle, Microsoft or Tesla get their clients through cold email as well as bootstrapped startups, podcasts and small agencies.

The question is how to get cold email to work for your business.

Book meetings with prospects Get new partnerships Get booked on podcasts
Get new trial users Get venture capital Book guest speakers

The thing is…Bad cold emails and inaction costing you $$$

If you approach your market the wrong way, write messy and confusing emails or just try to hardsell them right at the beginning, you’ll be burning your chances with these otherwise fantastic prospects.

If you fell into analysis paralysis and don’t want to do any outreach out of perfectionism, your competitors are going to sell to your target audience…and you’re going to miss your opportunity.

If you try to do everything without the right software and workflow structure, it is going to take forever to get (at best) inconsistent results.

If you want your calendar to go…

…From this…

…to this…

You’re going to need a proven, polished process and someone who knows how to build and run it for you.

That is what I do.

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Here are some of my former cold email campaign results

Let me show you how I can help YOUR company

(Or if you have seen enough, just book a call with me right away.)

(Or if you have seen enough, just book a call with me right away.)


Developing your ICP

Identifying your best target audience and the ideal client profile is the first step to successful outbound campaigns.

Defining the ICP

We’ll work together to cleary develop your ICP, every painpoint, desire and problem of your target market, so I can create selling points using this information.

Conducting interviews

Sometimes interviews with your current customers are needed in order to deeply understand your market. Interviewing a target market is an art itself, but using my polished questioning process you’ll also get it handled right at the beginning.


Building your Lead List

I use multiple data sources to build the list of your prospects, who I’m going to contact.

Advanced filtering and identification

I identify your target market with extreme precision using technographic, geographic, firmographic, and demographic data as well. Thanks to this, we are approaching those prospects who are desperate for your service.

Extreme safe validating

Every contact info gets verified using multiple validation softwares. As a result, we can be sure that we are not sending mail to non-existent mailboxes, which would otherwise significantly damage our reputation as a sender.


Setting up the tech background

Without the right tech background and mailbox structure, your campaigns are doomed to land in the spam folder. It can be avoided by using the proper technologies.

Setting up separate domain on separate IP

I help you setup a domain for our campaigns with my curated hosting vendors, using only high-reputation IP mailing servers. This way we don’t risk your main domain and we can also reduce our chances of getting blacklisted.

Continous deliverability improvement

I actively improve the deliverability of our campaigns by conducting back and forth communication on a daily basis with my trusted network of email partners. This way email service providers (ESP-s) will mark us as a trustworthy sender and put us into our recipients’ inboxes – instead of their SPAM folder.


Creating personalized scripts & campaigns

Without a message which truly resonates with our prospects, it is impossible to get a meeting. You get this part handled as well.

Testing multiple offer angles

I craft multiple angles from your offer based on the ICP. If we can put a short, easy to understand offer in front of our audience which solves their TRUE painpoint, they will convert. People care about their own problems: it is essential that we attach our offer to their problems, so it matters to them.

Copywriting based on psychology

The wording of an offer can also make or break our campaigns. I rely heavily on persuasive psychology and my 4+ years of copywriter past to find the email copy which makes our prospects reply to our campaign.

Every email is personalized

I only send personalized emails. It is extremely hard to scale, but if people sense that it is an automated blast that we’re doing, they’ll simply ignore our email.


Execution & optimisation

If you send out your campaigns without the proper testing and documenting structure you won’t be able to draw conclusions. Without a disciplined and working method you’ll end up shooting in the dark and (at best) getting inconsistent results.

Perfectly crafted and timed follow-ups

Every prospects who I approach goes through my tested outbound structure, including consistent, but polite followup sequences.

Reduced no-shows

I handle all responses. I finalize the booked call with the interested prospects, to reduce your no-shows.

Scientific analysis and improvement

Every campagin, every email and every line has a purpose. Forming a hypothesis around a campaign and analysing the results requires a strong scientific thinking and approach – my clients get it all from me.



You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of your outbound campaigns through accurate reporting. Basically you’ll know how many interested prospects there were each months, what is our best performing segment, how our benchmarks look like, what are the targets for next month.

My Ideal Clients

Industries I serve.


Given that I have a bachelor’s in robotics, no SaaS or IT offer complicated for me to craft an emotional and logical argument around it and spark the interest of C-level execs. Monthly service providers, SaaS owners and IT specialists with high ticket offers are all welcomed.


Marketing agency offers, startups, construction companies, HR offers and special B2B offers are the best examples for a complex sales process. By crafting a killer selling proposition I present your offer in an easy to understand way, where the prospect can instantly see the value of a meeting with you.

David Török

Who’s helping you

Coming from a robotics engineering and marketing background, I’ve ran my own online marketing agency for the past 4+ years. As a result, I have accumulated huge amount of cold emailing experience under my belt, which I can leverage in many industries – chances are, even in yours.

Some of the companies I booked meetings with

Schedule a 45 minute strategy call with me

If you’re interested in working with me, book a strategy call, where we can discuss the details – basically you already know my offer, so it won’t be a sales call, but a call where I can diagnose your offer, sales and leadgen strategy and also share the exact way I can help you, plus my advices on your outbound process.

By the end of this call you will have a clear idea about the next steps you should take in order to improve your outreach.

Where do you find your leads? And how do you know these leads are qualified?

I use multiple data vendors, including niche ones as well. 

The databases I use are not that well-known, yet HUGE (100+ million companies and their employee contact infos). I invested a LOT of money to get access to these databases, which are constantly updated, can be filtered in a ton of ways (so I can be sure about our relevance), accurate and huge – this is what I use when I do the list building to my clients.


Cold Email seems spammy - how do you avoid the spam folder?

Through the use of a process called email warmup. On a daily basis I send out emails to a trustable network of emails and conduct conversations with them. As a result of this, the email address we use for our outbound campaigns gains trust in the eyes of email service providers, so we are going to land in the primary folder of our prospects, instead of their SPAM folder. Basically we can say that through this continuous  warmup process, we “teach” the ESP’s to mark us as a trustworthy sender.

Who does the work? Is it outsourced?

I personally do every step of the work. That is why I mentioned before that my capacity is limited, so I only work with 1 or max 2 clients at the moment.

Do you use your own email adress to send out campaigns?

No. I help my clients to set up their own separate email account and I use this email to send out our cold email campaigns. The setup is a 5 minute process.

How do you comply with international cold email laws?

Although I comply both with the GDPR and the US cold email laws as well, I usually start out with our campaigns in the USA, because there is more room for testing. Once everything is dialed in, we can move to stricter markets, like the EU.

If you don’t someone else will!

Although I rely heavily on advanced softwares, I don’t cut corners with the execution of the work: there is no magic trick here, no outsourcing to copywriters in the Philippines. Every part of the process itself is done by me.

That is also why I only take a handful of clients: because of the understandable limits, I cannot and I don’t work with everyone.

If you hesitate with your application for a free strategy call, someone else will take your place – and who knows when I will have openings again.

+36 30 23 33 273

Török Dávid EV.