The top 4 tips for a winning cold email campaign

Writing winning cold email campaigns requires a lot of components, but I want to discuss here the top 4 things what you can do in order to create a home-run campaign. 

Personalize your message

If a prospect senses that your message is an automated blast, he is not going to respond. Nowadays it is almost inevitable to put at least some personalisation into your message because of that.

This is a time consuming process, but even a one sentence personalisation in your email is worth the effort in terms of your reply rates.

Have a high-quality website

If you send out an email which sparks interest in your prospect, he is going to check your website.

What he sees on your website can make or break a cold email campaign. If he sees an old, low quality webite, with poor copy on it, he is not going to respond. You have to understand that at this point you’re still a stranger to him and the first impression matters big time.

It is worth having a beautifully designed website, with persuasive copy on it. It is going to have a BIG impact on your campaigns.


Creating a winning cold email campaign is a time consuming process. Creating a lead list, validating the email adresses, constructing a campaign, writing the templates, testing them – the list goes on and on.

Make your life easier with automation tools, for example when sending out campaigns or cleaning the lead lists. Doing everything by hand is demoralizing, but luckily softwares can take off a lot of work from your shoulder.

Have an outside observation about your prospect

One of the best angles in a cold email to create relevance is if you have some kind of an outside observation about the prospect. 

For instance, if you are selling website design services, pick something about the prospect’s website (ideally a problem) and present why it is a problem, or how you could solve it.

Having an outside observaton upfront is a great way to create relevance and also to show your expertise to a prospect. (Not to mention that it is also a way to personalize your message.)

Do you want me to put your cold emailing process together? Book a strategic call!

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