The top 3 cold email mistakes

When it comes to cold emails, a lot of things can go wrong. It is surprisingly easy to mess up an email and I want to show you the most common mistakes which most cold emailers do, especially when they’re starting out.

Having a vague offer

If you don’t present a clear offer (or even worse, if you just write a list of services which you do and push the responsibility to the prospect to choose from this list) is one the worst things that you can do in a cold email.

When it comes to cold emailing, you’re sending email to a stranger who doesn’t know and doesn’t trust you. It is not realistic to think that your prospect will do the heavy lifting and choose from your services and decide for himself. Instead, your message is going to be ignored.

Think of it as an opportunity to present your hard skills: you have to choose a SPECIFIC service, custom tailored to your prospect, based on your experience. Your response rate will be much, much higer this way.

Misleading subject line

A lot of people think that if a prospect opens an email that is half way to success. While it is of course required for success, it is not a good idea to optimze your whole email around open rates.

Many sender think that if they come up a clickbait subject line, the prospect automatically going to read the whole email.

In reality, it is quite the opposite. If you manipulate your prospect with a misleading subject line to open your email, they will see through your little trick, since the subject line will have nothing to do with the body of the email. When that happens, they are going to simply ignore your message.

So no misleading subject lines.

Sending lengthy emails

Less is more. Peple have a short attention span, the avarage time people spend on reading stranger’s emails is 11 seconds.

So the more concise you can be with your emails, the better. Of course, not every offer can be described in 6 words: in that case try using short, easy to understand sentences. No complicated and fancy words: the point is to get your message across, not to prove that you’re the smartest writer ever lived.

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